Scuba Diving at Amalau ~ American Samoa

I got a new camera.  Tim has a lot more experience with underwater photography than I do (yet), so he set it up and tested it out.  I also got dive filters for my GoPro, and tested those.  These are my GoPro pics, Tim’s pics will follow!

Amalau is a fabulous bay.  There are only a few houses, and the reef is in really good shape.  The National Park starts the next bay over, in Vatia, but the village of Vatia is much larger and thus more nutrients flow into the bay, causing loss of coral and overgrowth of algae.

The family members who owns the land are very nice, and have fales and bathrooms and even showers for camping weekends.

6 thoughts on “Scuba Diving at Amalau ~ American Samoa

  1. That’s awesome Brenda! What kind of camera/camera housing did you get? I’ve been wanting a housing for my camera for a while but they are insanely expensive… Also, that’s what those are… mushroom coral!

  2. It helps to have a marine science guy tell me what things are, though I never will learn all the scientific names : )
    I got an Olympus OM-D EM-5 which came in a package with the housing. Yes, I’ve been putting off getting a housing for my DSLR for years because they are so expensive! And big. These mirrorless cameras are much smaller and manageable…. especially for small hands like yours and mine!

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