B and whale  by Randy Jay Braun1Brenda grew up ‘on the mainland’ as they like to say in Hawaii.  Living in Louisville, Kentucky for most of her childhood, she developed a passion for horses and became very involved in Pony Club and dressage and eventing.  Moving to Texas in high school, she remained through school, graduating from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995.

The next 11 years were spent in Oregon and Washington, working and exploring.  The hiking and trail-riding are amazing in the Pacific Northwest.  And the rivers.  A new passion for rivers and rafting followed.

Maui was next, spending 4 years learning about the ocean, surfing, and marine wildlife.

Then on to Oahu, living in Waikiki and then Waialua.  Horses and rafts have been replaced with surfboards and sailing gear.

Another big change:  moving to American Samoa to work on a large scale spay/neuter and dog overpopulation project.  The tropics of the South Pacific with lots of dogs and amazing underwater life.  Now paddling and diving are added to the hiking and surfing lifestyle!

All along the way, addicted to travel and seeing and learning about new things and new places.

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