Hanauma Bay ~Oahu ~ Hawaii

Hanauma Bay was closed for months during Covid. Many of the fish came back since there was so much less traffic and disruption. They are doing a good job of keeping it closed 2 days a week and limiting the numbers of visitors every day.

These aren’t great photos, just a point-n-shoot, but hopefully you can appreciate the fishies!

2 thoughts on “Hanauma Bay ~Oahu ~ Hawaii

  1. The pictures are wonderful. The point-and-shoot thing worked out extremely well. Beautiful, beautiful fish. So fun to see. You live in such a beautiful area. Thank you for sending those.

    Sent from Jim’s iPhone


  2. Hey Brenda, It is great to hear from you !! Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous pictures! It is amazing how awesome God’s creation is !!!So So beautiful!!! I’d love to see you if you’re ever in the area. Paul and Texover are dong well. I’m still riding Tallie and having a lot of fun with him. My daughter just had her second child, a son so I’m a grandma times two. Let me know whats going on with you .

    Love, Keyea

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