Palau part 1 ~ Underwater

We went to Palau with my paddling team Poksai for a fun race. Of course there are no photos of that because, well, we were paddling!

We were supposed to go on a dive liveaboard immediately after, but it was cancelled due to a nav system issue.

We did however get to go on a snorkel day trip and a diving day trip!

The clams are amazing colors – plus they don’t move so are easy to photograph. Also I got a prescription mask and I can acutally see that corals are make up of individual polyps ~ which I knew but didn’t really appreciate until now.

8 thoughts on “Palau part 1 ~ Underwater

  1. Great shots Brenda. I will never be a diver so I definitely love it when my photography friends are!!

    Stay well and enjoy. Keep those pictures coming.


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