Happy Holidays from American Samoa

This Christmas Tree worm and I are wishing every one of you a wonderful holiday season.  Cheers!  (Ok, the worm doesn’t actually care.)

It never really feels like the holidays when you live somewhere tropical, even Hawaii, if you grew up in the northern hemisphere. I keep saying that next year I’ll be sure to go to Alaska and have a white Christmas, but it still hasn’t happened.  Oh well.  Snow will likely be somewhere next December.  Maybe I should aim for Greenland.  Or Iceland. Brrr.

But we will be merry here nevertheless.  And we will celebrate while we sweat in the kitchen and then go for a swim in bathtub-warm water. I know nobody feels sorry for us! Then I think we have a ruthless game of Settlers of Catan scheduled.

Here are a few more pictures from diving. My scenery will be changing soon, as I am leaving on a 2+ month trip on Saturday:  Tasmania, Tanzania, and New Zealand!  Hooray!

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a fabulous 2016!



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