Maliko Gulch to Kanaha ~ Paddleboarding on Maui

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite thing to do in the whole world.  I would have said trail-riding my horse, but he was sometimes a bit, erm, much. Even after more than 100 runs down the northern Maui coast, it just doesn’t get old for me! Sometimes it is actually too exciting, like the time a tiger shark followed me for several miles (and the other two paddlers that day were boys and left me miles behind!) Or the time it rained so hard that Eileen and I couldn’t see each other 20 feet apart.  But mostly it is beautiful and peaceful!


Eileen, Sally, and me putting in at the boat ramp at Maliko Gulch.  Hooray for veterinarians!


SO many huge turtles along the coast!


Beaches, sugar cane fields, and Haleakala in the clouds


Nearing Kanaha with the West Maui mountains in the distance


Sally and Eileen


The take-out at Kanaha Beach Park.  Much busier when we arrived, but this was earlier in the day when we dropped off a car : )

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