American Samoa

I traveled to American Samoa for 2 weeks to volunteer and look into a potential position with the AS Department of Agriculture.  My hosts, Nick and Mona King, are founders of a new non-profit ‘Alofa Mo Meaola’.  They were wonderful and showed me around the island.  All the volunteers and DoA staff were great to work with, and …. I’m going back in April!

American Samoa is very beautiful.  And there are way too many dogs….  no vet in the past who really did small animal work….  there is quite a lot of work to do, and it is a very exciting project for me.  Did I mention that it is very beautiful?


Clinic shots – click on any picture for a slideshow

American Samoa pictures



4 thoughts on “American Samoa

  1. Hi Brenda, I came across your website because I was randomly remembering my visit to American Samoa this past August. The state of the dogs on the island was pretty upsetting. I hope they get a full-time vet over there soon. I was even looking to see if I could donate to help fund a vet! It’s a beautiful island with lovely people, but the animal situation is enough to ruin it — at least for me. Thanks for your work during your two-week visit!

    • Jennie,
      I actually did get hired on – a 2 year contract through the Department of Agriculture. I have started with spay/neuter surgeries and working with the Animal Care and Control Committee to put together a humane solution to the dog issues on the island. Humane Society of the US and Humane Society International as well as several other smaller US based ngos are helping. HSI has set up a website through which you CAN donate to this project!! Our local non-profit Alofa Mo Meaola (look for their page on facebook) will be up and accepting donations soon as well. Thanks so much for your compassion and concern. Wait a year or two and your visit should show a much different situation for the animals…
      Dr Brenda

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