Sa’ilele Bay ~ American Samoa

On what turned out to be a very nice day, a whole group made our way to one of the furthest bays on the North Shore and at the edge of the National Park.  A few families live there, but seemed ok with all of our cars.  A group of kids were following us around a bit, checking everything out.  They were very interested in the puppy (Pulu) that came along with us. At one point they did try on my slippers, and then painted one of my toes with some sort of black nail polish (or tar, because I can’t get it off!) before I realized what they were doing.

Snorkeling in the bay was nice.  The coral are predominantly staghorn sorts, and they are some of the most sensitive to bleaching.  It was very colorful, but sad because I know all those colors are the corals trying to live!

(click on any photo for a slide show)

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