Veterinary Clinics on Manu’a ~ American Samoa ~ Ta’u Village

Our second day of clinics was in Ta’u village.  We had interesting views of the landslides all along the north side of the island as we drove across them!  Luckily, Public Works had it all under control and the road was kept passable most all the time.  There was an amazing number of large boulders that washed down the cliff sides in the heavy rain the previous 36 hours.

We got set up in another nice fale, and went to work.  The animals trickled in as the villagers figured out what we were doing and found transportation.  Also, Port department and ASPA really helped us out by getting all our supplies brought over on a hired boat, the Fotu, that they used to bring fuel to Manu’a while the ferry was under repair.  Now we had traps and could really get to work!  So… we worked until sunset.  I took a few breaks to enjoy the lovely spot and get photos!

(click any picture for a slideshow)

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