Veterinary Clinics on Manu’a ~ American Samoa ~ Travel day!

Our real adventure turns out to be getting ourselves and our supplies from Ta’u island across to Ofu.  The ferry is broken, the interisland ferry is on Tutuila for service, the seas are rough…  Only one alia captain is willing to make the journey, so we wait all day for them to arrive.  Cell phones don’t really work in most places on Manu’a, so you just have to get ready and wait!  We were told not before 10 am, so we get to the wharf at 10.  We thought we were waiting for a big alia…  I guess it is all relative.  We successfully made the passage, though it seemed not possible at first.  We were dragging SO slowly…  Then once we headed downwind and catching surf, it was much faster.

(click on any photo for a slide show)

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