Veterinary Clinics on Manu’a ~ American Samoa ~ Ofu ~ Day off !!

Sunday is a day of rest on American Samoa.  Actually, it goes like this:  church, eat, sleep, repeat.  It is forbidden to be active in the villages, so no swimming or surfing or hiking on a Sunday.  For the contract workers (the palagi) here, it is sort of a hassle since you only have 2 days off each week and the reason you moved here was to enjoy the island!  But we try to be respectful of the culture and only do things away from the villages.  On Ofu, we asked if it was okay for us to swim and go for a walk on Sunday.  Since we weren’t in a village, it was deemed fine.

Such a spectacular day.  It was a real treat to be able to just relax with the vets and volunteers!

(click any photo for a slide show)

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