Veterinary Clinics on Manu’a ~ American Samoa ~ Olosega Village

We have now discovered that a LOT of people who live on Manu’a leave for the summer months.  Well, actually they are the winter months, but that gets confusing here.  It is the southern hemisphere, but it seems that so many people go back and forth to Hawaii or the mainland, they call it summer to match.  School is out for the same months of June to August, but the weather is certainly cooler!  I digress.

Since a large portion of the population is gone in July, the villages are fairly empty.  The next time we go to Manu’a, we’ll have to be sure to do it while school is in session and the villages are full.  Regardless, we were able to alter quite a few dogs and cats.  The dogs are mostly tame and friendly in Manu’a, and the people overall treat them more kindly.  The cat population is getting out of hand, though, and more feral-cat type clinics will be needed in the future.

(click on any photo for a slideshow)

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