Hiking Matafao on a warm sunny day ~ American Samoa

My friend Sabrina is moving away next week. We are working on her bucket list!! 


Here she is, with Tim at the summit.  I am super bummed out that she and Luke are leaving… but we will have more adventures together!


Views from the summit. This is Coconut Point (where I live) and the airport.


Pago Pago harbor.


Karen also leaves this week, back to Honolulu. Tahali is visiting for 3 weeks from Australia. He lived here as a kid in the house next door to me, and was active in the youth sailing program.  They also both wanted to hike before leaving…


On the trail…




Sabrina on a soft moss seat…


The group at a nice log bench rest area. Which had a great breeze, very welcome on a hot day.  Tim and Wei have both hiked this trail with me before. Thanks guys for a fun day! 

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