Savaii ~ Samoa

My friend Sally is from Maui.  We worked together when I lived there.  She came for a visit, and we went on an adventure to Savaii (the big island of Samoa).  We actually ended up with slightly more of an adventure that we were anticipating!

When we arrived and picked up the rental car, we though we had a ferry reservation.  Not so much.  The only way to get to Savaii is on the ferry.  The owner of the rental car place said, no worries, just meet me at the ferry dock at 3:30 tomorrow and we’ll get you on.  Me: Wow, I thought they left in the morning.  Him:  Yes, 3:30 am.  Us:  Wow.  So we did a little sight-seeing around Apia, ate wonderful Indian food for dinner, and went to sleep early so we could get up at 2:30 to drive over to the ferry terminal.

SO here we are, looking at the ferry that we WANT to get on.  I had a nap in the car.  Sally isn’t sure if she ever fell asleep.

After a pleasant and sort of wet journey across the channel, off to find lunch.

Next, on to our resort:  Va-i-moana.  Very quiet, nice place.  The staff are very nice and helpful.  Highly recommended!

We went for a swim and snorkel the first day.

The following day, we kayaked out to the island and went snorkeling on the ocean side of the island.  Very nice!

The beach itself was moving.  All the beaches have a lot of hermit crabs, but this was over the top!

Watch a video of the crabs!

One relaxing day of food and snorkel and food and massage and food!  We really needed to stay longer to explore the island, but the flights were full.  So back on the ferry and back to Pago the next day.

One thought on “Savaii ~ Samoa

  1. Great photos, Brenda! It looks like you are having some great times there. We are *still* in Idaho (sigh), hoping we don’t have to stay through another winter but if the house doesn’t sell we will have to. Keep writing!

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