A visit to Ofu ~ Manu’a Islands ~ American Samoa

Tim needed to go to Ofu for work, presenting me with an opportunity to visit these beautiful islands again. Polynesian Air is still flying directly to Ofu on Thursdays, so no boats are involved (at least so far, I don’t want to jinx anything!).  It gives me a great opportunity to trap and spay/neuter some of the cats that we weren’t able to trap on the last visit ~ hooray !!

These are some pictures from the first day, more will follow as more things happen.  I’m waiting on supplies that should be coming on the MV Sili.  We hear that it has been stopped from sailing twice by the Coast Guard, so hopefully it will leave tonight and the supplies (food and vet supplies) will arrive tomorrow.  Fingers crossed, as otherwise we’ll be hungry and the cats won’t get trapped…

(click on any photo for a slideshow)

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