Cradle Mountain ~ Tasmania ~ Australia

This was arguably my favorite part of the trip, though while we were climbing ALL day I wasn’t thinking that!  The top 2+ hours was a boulder field with some added slippery rocks.

I’m glad that Alisa was super-motivated to get to the top…  otherwise I think Gaby and I would have bailed.  There was one episode of a whacked head and pain-induced tears and lots of screaming knees.  We thought we were finally an hour or so from the finish when we came across a sign saying that we were 2 1/2 hours from the carpark!

Thanks to Steve and Tanya for having some bubbles waiting for us.  Also lucky they were there since we missed the last bus down : )

On our way back to the cabin, we walked along the start to the Overland Track (now added to my bucket list) and visited with the resident wombats who are not at all timid.  I was sort of surprised one didn’t try to sip some of our sparkling wine…  Hilarity ensued when Steve tried to take selfies with wombats (especially since he never takes pictures, let alone selfies!).

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