It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia..

My mom and I spent the day walking around and getting really wet feet! We came for a few days since my dad has a meeting. It is so much more holiday-like in a cold climate than in Hawaii or the South Pacific, and I’m really enjoying it!

Dinner with my friend Nick. V Street Café is great!

The lobby Christmas tree at The Rittenhouse.

Pennsylvania railroad terminal building.

City Hall

Carousel at the city hall Christmas fair.

Holiday light show at Macy’s. The pipe organ is amazing.

Reading terminal market. So much to eat, luckily I wasn’t hungry and we escaped with only fudge. Ok, three flavors, but it could have been much, much worse : )

Chinatown gate

One of many interesting facades in Chinatown

Rittenhouse Square. Lots of nice yellow leaves though the rain is knocking them down…

The last is a video of a small part of the Christmas light show at the Comcast building.

Hopefully the weather will be sunny tomorrow as is forecasted. Luckily it isn’t cold here, my blood is really thin from living in the tropical climes and I get SO cold so easily!

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