Philadelphia part two ~ sunny and festive!

More pics from around Philly. I get SO ridiculously cold, but the crisp and clear days are perfect.

I’m enjoying the holiday spirit here in the northeast! Sightseeing is great for a few days. I think my favorite is the Tiffany mosaic at the Curtis Building.

View from the Observation Deck of Liberty Place

City view. I especially like the reflection of one building on the other.

Glass in the Curtis Building

Tiffany Glass installation from 1915 in the Curtis Building. Stunning.

Squirrels everywhere!!

Entrance to the original Penn Hospital

Operating theatre for med school. (Unfortunately I kept thinking about Junior Mints!)

City view through the stairwell window

Medical Library, full of antique books.

Autumn foliage and historic buildings, ahh.

Bookbinder’s Restaurant

Lunch in the historic area near Independence Square

Independence Square

Carpenter’s Historic Hall

Independence Hall

Holiday decorations all around town

With my parents

Brass Quintet at the lighting of the Square Christmas Tree

Christmas lights in Rittenhouse Square

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