Punta Arenas ~ Patagonia ~ Chile

First stop on our two month adventure in Patagonia is Punta Arenas. We’re literally starting at the bottom and working our way up. Of course there is Antarctica, but since there isn’t much hiking to do, we’re starting here. And it is cold enough even though it is summer to make us wonder if we have enough clothes for the mountains!

Tierra del Fuego from the air

Dinner at La Marmita

Excellent choices of veggie fare

Sunset at 10 pm, sunrise is at 4 am!

Statue along the waterfront.

Most of the handicrafts are woolen

Tribute to Ferdinand Magellan. Interestingly, the mermaid has two leg/fins.

Dogs napping in the park.

A palace of some sort, now a club.

Someone got to share Tim’s lunch!


Reminds me of other large fancy cemeteries in New Orleans or Buenos Aires.

Pet grooming!

This was my favorite house, nice views.

I wonder how many of these sign boards exist??

Our chosen restaurant, Toques de la Patagonia.

Another great dinner! With pisco sours!


This video is from a viewpoint overlooking the city. You can see some tiny snowy peaks in the distance… Must be near Ushuaia … but Tim decided it is too cold to go further south!!​​​​

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