Leaving American Samoa…. and arriving in Kailua!

Leaving was super-hard.  Mostly because my friends, and especially my neighbor Kelley were so amazing when I had to be gone unexpectedly for several months.  They took care of my cats and dog, fixed up my yard, filled my fridge, and took care of me when I needed a shoulder. I’ll also really miss my outrigger paddling crew!

The good news is that EVERYONE has to fly through Honolulu at some point, so I’ll get to see them all again!

I really enjoyed my time on AS overall, though I won’t miss having to deal with the AS government. I feel great that the veterinary project got off to a good start, getting the clinic at Agriculture opened and staffed and getting into the villages for spay/neuter clinics. I feel even better that I was able to find an awesome replacement so the good work can continue.  Thanks Dr Kristen!

So, back to Oahu. I was a nervous wreck that the ground crew in Pago wouldn’t get my cats onto the flight. But they arrived with no problem, just a bit of complaining (read howling).  Tim took a job with US Fish & Wildlife based out the Honolulu office, though he’ll be on Palmyra Atoll about six months out of the year. And I can restart my veterinary house call and relief business.

We decided to live in Kailua, which neither of us has done before. I am still overwhelmed by choices: of stores, of things in the stores, of different routes to drive…  But after one week, I feel like I’m getting settled. Everyone seems so friendly and helpful. I’ve found a good group to paddle with, a good yoga studio, and I only have to walk a few blocks to the lovely sandy Kailua Beach!


A few departing gifts!


A very cute and funny card from Ian and Relly


I feel like I’m camped out in a dorm, waiting for our container to arrive.  The cooler coffee table is my favorite!


Sabrina has licked a sore on her back, so she is actually tolerating wearing a onesie! Probably the only one I will ever own, and it is on my cat. I warned her that she’d get an e-collar…


The little house we are renting in Coconut Grove.


Kailua beach looking toward Kaneohe. It took almost an hour to walk to the end of the sand and back!


Looking the other way towards Lanikai. We’ve been paddling the outrigger canoes from Lanikai to the islands on the left, and surfing!

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