Molokai ~ Hawaii

Back in Hawaii, getting settled. My plan is to do relief or fill-in work, sort of like a substitute teacher. The veterinarian on Molokai had to go to the mainland for a few weeks, so I went over to help out. It is fun and rewarding to see everyone and to see how far they have advanced since I first started going over in 2008. The staff at the Molokai Humane Society is so on the ball that they now go to other islands to help with spay/neuter projects!

Tim went along with me the first week so we could explore the island.  He hadn’t been topside since he was a kid!


This could be any of the roads on the West side!


Safe anchorage at the end of the day in Hale O Lono Harbor


West Side sunset



Waikolu Overlook in the Kamakou Preserve

The highest part of Molokai is actually a cloud forest.  The Nature Conservancy maintains the preserve and the Pepe’opae boardwalk, which is a lovely walk with heaps of local plants. There is quite the contrast from the flat, dry red dirt in the west to the green, wet forest at the top of the mountain! It is a long, bumpy, 4×4 road…



On another day, we headed up to the edge of the sea cliffs for a view of Kalaupapa. I’ve been down there several times on feral cat projects. There are pics elsewhere on this blog!


Kalaupapa Overlook



Phallic Rock with tokens of homage


Southern coastline with views of Lanai


Molokai is very green right now, so pretty! This is the view from behind the humane society. The Kamakou Preserve is up in the clouds on the far mountaintop.


Aerial view form the (tiny, 10-seater) plane as we leave. 

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