SUP with whales ~ Maui, Hawaii

Working on Maui for a few days gave me a great opportunity to paddle out in the peak of whale season! These Humpback whales spend the winter in Hawaii, where they have their babies and work on making new ones.

My friend Sally and I paddled our SUP boards out from Ukumehame (aka Thousand Peaks) on Maui.


Small waves at Thousand Peaks


Mom and baby Humpback whales


Three whales


Diving down ~ whale tail!


Sally looking towards the West Maui mountains


Interesting lighting on Lanai between rainstorms


Paddlers in an outrigger canoe race passed by

If you’ve never heard Humpbacks sing, listen to this! We could hear them from above the water, so I stuck my camera below. The sounds of the water whacking the board are annoying, but you can clearly hear the whales. The video part – not so exciting.

I was doing surgeries for the Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation. It was stormy, but this rainbow appeared between downpours. Their property in Waihee is spectacular.

Waihee rainbow

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