Homer ~ Alaska

Driving from Anchorage to Homer is very scenic for the first half, then a bit boring, then gorgeous again when more mountains and the Cook Inlet come into view. At least the ice on the road keeps the drive interesting when the scenery doesn’t!

I’ve traveled to Homer for a long weekend to visit Shanna, a friend from Hawaii who has been living and working in Homer for the last few years.

Just out of Anchorage, the highway follows the shore of the Turnagain Arm.  There are mountains across and mountains above… spectacular! The tide changes are the largest in the US – up to 40 feet. In winter there is ice moving back and forth, brrr…


Continuing on, the Seward Highway passes through mountains and over the Turnagain Pass. I drive along, wondering how many trails are in those hills and when I can get back to hike them.  After the turn-off to Seward, Rt 1 become the Sterling Hwy and continues on to Homer. The last section travels along the Cook Inlet with high mountains again on the far shore. The active volcanic peak of Mt Redoubt (which last erupted in 2009) dominates the view.


Mt Redoubt across the Cook Inlet


Homer Spit and the mountains of the Kachemak Bay State Park


Homer is the Halibut capital of the world.  Certainly there are predominantly fishing vessels!


Sunset from Shanna’s deck


Homer is fairly deserted in winter, but all the closed shops and camping spots foretell the insanity that must be summer…

There are several groomed areas for skiing and snowshoeing. Shanna sees people out skiing via headlamp in the dark winter months.  Fat tire bikes are also popular. I especially like the thick puffy gloves around the hands and handlebars! It is only 18 degrees out…


Homer Spit and the Kachemak Bay

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